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I gotta fan now!

2012-08-26 23:37:58 by DungeonMaster435

YESI have a fan now! What's nice about this is that it's like 100x more than i had before! What sucks about this is that now i has responsibility :< But whatever, it's not like i got anything else to do, so i guess i'll post something else soon :D

Greetings travelers.

2012-07-20 13:21:38 by DungeonMaster435

Don't expect me to post that much stuff,at least not at the moment, you see I'm new to makin... stuff. But I can draw so I might post some art occasionly. Um... I play alot of games, that's what i do here, I also use alot of audio for my campaigns, with credits of course of course. And as name implies i am a dungeon master, anddon't be a troll man, It's a damn good game.